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  • 16.01.15

    A) 3 Rounds:

    TGU x 3 / side

    Dead Hang x 15 seconds


    B) 20:00 EMOM

    Minute 1 = RA DB Snatch x 6

    Minute 2 = DB Renegade Row x 6

    Minute 3 = LA DB Snatch x 6

    Minute 4 = DB Renedage Row x 6


    C) 15-12-9-6-3

    KB Swing (53/35)


    Knees to Elbows

  • 16.01.14

    A) 21-15-9

    Air Squat (1,1,1,1)

    Hand Release Push-up - to- Y (1,1,1,1)

    Alternating Prone T (1,1,1,1)


    B) 12:00 EMOM

    DB Floor Press x 8 (evens)

    DB Renegade Row x 12 (odds)


    C) 4 Rounds:

    Row x 250 m

    Push-ups x Failure



  • 16.01.12

    A) 2 Rounds:

    Hollow Position to Superman Rolling x 8/side

    Inch Worm x 8


    B) 6 Rounds:

    Deadlift x 5

    Dip x 10

    KB Front Rack Carry x 50' per arm


    C) 10:00 EMOM

    Burpees x 15


  • 16.01.11

    A) 10:00

    Practice Turkish Get-ups and buildup to heavy 1 x rep per side


    B) 4 Rounds:

    OH Press x 8

    Front Rack Alternating Lunges x 16


    C) 8 Rounds:

    (Tabata format)

    Air Squats x 20 seconds

    Rest x 10 seconds

    Inverted Row x 20 seconds

    Rest x 10 seconds

    Push-ups x 20 seconds

    Rest x 10 seconds



  • 16.01.09

    A) 2 Rounds:

    Forward Bear Crawl x 40'

    Backward Bear Crawl x 40'

    Alternating Side - to - Side Plank x  10 w/3 sec hold per side


    B) 3 Sets to work up to working weight for:

    12:00 E2MOM

    Power Clean x 3 (evens)

    Front Squat x 6


    C) Partner WOD:

    4 Rounds:

    Partner #1: Burpees x 25

    Partner #2: Deadlift Hold x As long as it takes partner #1 to complete the burpees



  • 16.01.08

    We Develop Athletes

    Are you or your children looking to take their fitness to the next level? At CrossFit Lake Zurich, we have developed a championship pedigree that extended to multiple sports and various events. Two of our most recent successful athletes, Wesley Annan and Faith Ekakitie, just squared off in the Rose Bowl on January 1st, 2016. Our winning formula has been forged over the past 11 years of professional, hands-on training experience working alongside the best health and fitness practitioners in the area. Since we program for the entire life-cycle of the athlete, we are better able to progress the athlete to heighten their performance while reducing injuries. To experience the difference for yourself, contact us for a complimentary functional movement assessment and screening today!


    - 5 Minute shoulder mobility

    A) 2 Rounds:

    RL Carioca x 40'

    LL Carioca x 40'

    Crab Walk x 40'

    Bear Crawl x 40'


    B) 4 Rounds:

    KB Floor Press x 8

    KB Pull Over x 12

    KB Swing x 16


    C) 12:00 AMRAP

    Farmer Carry AHAP x 100'

    Push-up x 20


  • 16.01.07

    Do you workout or train?


    It is a rather simple question and yet many people who exercise do not know the difference. Here are some of the main differences:


    - Random exercise done with random variables

    - Reactive in nature

    - Focus on quantity not quality 

    - Short term failure



    - Planned, progressive programmed variables

    - Proactive in nature

    - Focus on quality not quantity 

    - Long term success


    Do you workout or train? Come find out.


    A) 1 Round:

    Jumping Jacks x 150

    Inch Worm x 100'

    Air Squats x 5


    B) 5 Rounds:

    Front Squat x 6

    Alternating Renegade Row x 12


    C) 21-15-9

    DB Thruster

    KB Swing


  • 16.01.05

    Five days into the New Year and 60% of people who have made resolutions have already quit. One huge reason is the lack of accountability. Want to lose weight? GREAT! Follow these simple steps to be more successful:

    Step 1: tell everyone you know that your goal is to lose weight in 2016.

    Step 2: clean out the fridge and cabinets. Toss all of the sugar, processed crap that you have been hoarding or seek in times you need comfort. Eat lean meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

    Step 3: don't join a gym. You read right. Gyms offer 0 accountability and just want your money. DYK that 1 in 10 people who sign up for a gym membership actually use the gym?  Ridiculous, right?!?! You are just another number in the computer and just another face in the crowd. Find a community of like minded individuals who will push you to truly be stronger mentally and physically.

    Step 4: Get your free assessment and 7 day membership to CrossFit Lake Zurich. We are the highest rated fitness facility in Lake Zurich for a reason. Come experience the difference for yourself today!


    A) 2 Rounds:

    Spiderman Crawl x 50'

    RA Bridge x 10 (1,2,1,1)

    LA Bridge x 10 (1,2,1,1)


    B) 5 Rounds:

    Strict Press x 3

    Push Press x 3

    Push Jerk x 3


    C) 8:00 AMRAP:

    Inverted Row x 15

    Candlesticks x 15


    - Rest 5 minutes, then:


    D) 8:00 AMRAP:

    Push-ups x 15

    Inch Worm x 15

  • 16.01.04

    A) 2 Rounds:

    PVC Dislocates x 10

    PVC Back Squat x 10

    PVC Sotts Press x 10

    Banded Lateral Walk x 10 / direction


    B) 10:00 EMOM

    Back Squat (1,1,X,1) x 5,4,3,2,1 (evens)

    Eccentric Pull-up (1,3,X,1) x 1,2,3,4,5 (odds)


    C) 9:00 AMRAP:

    Kettlebell Swing x 12

    Alternating Renegade Row x 12



  • 15.12.30

    A) 2 Rounds:

    Alternating Scorpions x 10

    Alternating Contralateral Dead-Bugs x 10 w/3 second hold

    Alternating Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10 w 3/second hold


    B) 15:00 to establish a heavy 2RM:



    C) For time:

    Pull-up x 10

    Double Under x 10

    Pull-up x 9

    Double Under x 20

    Pull-up x 8

    Double Under x 30

    Pull-up x 7

    Double Under x 40

    Pull-up x 6

    Double Under x 50

    Pull-up x 5

    Double Under x 60

    Pull-up x 4

    Double Under x 70

    Pull-up x 3

    Double Under x 80

    Pull-up x 2

    Double Under x 90

    Pull-up x 1

    Double Under x 100







  • 15.12.21


    A) FT:

    Air Squats x 20

    Stationary Inch Worm x 10

    Push-up x 10

    Hollow Rock x 0:20


    B) 12:00 EMOM

    Overhead Press x 6

    Strict Pull-ups x 6


    C) 20:00 AMRAP

    Prowler Sprint x 20'

    KB Swing x 15

    Push-up x 10


  • 15.12.18

    A) FT:

    Bear Crawl x 50'

    Crab Walk x 50'

    Reverse Lunge w/ Reach x 50'

    Toy Soldier x 50'

    RL Lateral Lunge x 50'

    LL Lateral Lunge x 50'


    B) Front Squat 5x3


    C) 15:00 AMRAP

    Kettlebell Swings x 20

    Alternating Kettlebell Goblet Reverse Lunge x 10

    Kettlebell OH Press x 5 per arm


  • 15.12.16

    A) 2 Rounds:

    Alternating Cossack Squat x 10

    Rotational Medicine Ball Toss x 10 / side 

    Dead Hang Scapular Depression x 10


    B) Clean & Push Jerk 8 x 2



    C) 20:00 AMRAP

    Back Squat x 5

    Kettlebell Swing x 10

    Farmer Carry x 50'


  • 15.12.04

    A) 2 Rounds:

    Alternating Contralateral Dead Bugs x 10 w/3 second hold

    Side Plank x 0:20 per side


    B) 15:00 to establish a heavy 1R:



    C) 8 Rounds:

    Alternating DB Snatch x 10

    Strict Pull-up x 5


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